About Us


Marketing is evolving. As digital and social media becomes part of our lives, every post, every image,every tweet, every status update and video has now become a potential consumer touchpoint. At Dashboard Innovations, we are not just specialists in creating digital marketing solutions and campaigns, we go the extra mile to develop platforms and give our clients insights to make their products or services sellable to their consumers.
We put our clients at the centre of our business and our focus is delivering ROI to every marketing solution developed by our company.


Website Development 90%
Digital Campaign Development 95%
Multimedia Development 65%
Digital Marketing Solutions 95%
Online Streaming Service

We are Digital Storytellers, Thinkers and Brand developers

It all starts over coffee with a pen and paper. We sit down with you to understand your objective, what you want to achieve, and what makes you unique. From there we determine how best to tell your brand story across the digital world, and provide the digital tools and technology to ensure your success.



Meet our Digital Innovators

George Dguru

Lead Consultant

George has vast experience in Digital Strategy development, PR and Web Programming


Lead, Operations

Otuyelu leads the operations of the Dashboard Innovations team. He's also part of the strategy team

Mudee Peters

Lead, Graphics and Multimedia

Mudee peter heads the team of graphics and multimedia experts in Dashboard

Seunfunmi Olaniyan

Consultant, Strategy

Seunfunmi leads the creative thinking and strategy team at Dashboard Innovation.


Intrinsicly disseminate market positioning.

Web Development

We create all kinds of website, Ecommerce platforms and blogs for various clients

Digital Campaign

We focus our campaigns on creating engagement and connection with the consumers

Multimedia Development

We create animation and all kinds of multimedia videos for online and television purposes

Social Media Management

We create, brand and manage social media pages for clients creating various engaging content regularly

Online Streaming Service

We offer online live streaming services for events, campaigns and others. We put your event live online.

Digital Public Relations

We create online trends, viral content and engage with online influencers to promote your brand


We always give our clients the best